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2017 is gearing up to be another record breaking travel year. TSA has announced it will be limiting the amount of travelers going through expedited screening lines without Pre Check. We suggest enrolling in a Trusted Traveler program that will allow passengers to head to a shorter line and leave shoes on and laptops in their cases. Programs such as Pre Check, Global Entry and NEXUS allow travelers to utilize the expedited security screenings and avoid the long lines. Below is some information on each option to find the best program for you depending on your travel. 

TSA Pre-Check – This option is great for frequent and business travelers who can go through separate security lines, leave on their shoes and belts, and keep their laptops in the bag.  For $85 you can be enrolled in TSA Pre-Check for five years.  You must be a U.S. citizen and lawful permanent resident and there is no passport requirement to be approved.  You can apply for TSA Pre-Check online and then make an appointment at one of the enrollment centers around the country to provide fingerprints and identification.

Global Entry – This program is great for international travelers and can coincide with TSA Pre-Check.  Upon arrival to the United States, you can go straight to a Global Entry Kiosk without filling out any forms.  Insert your passport or U.S. permanent resident card, place fingertips on the scanner for fingerprint verification and make a customs declaration.  The membership is $100 for five years or you can pay an extra $15 from the Pre-Check program to Global Entry.  A passport is required for Global Entry and you can apply online and then make an appointment at one of several enrollment centers around the country to provide fingerprints and identification as well as be interviewed.    For a list of eligible countries and more information on Global Entry, click here.

NEXUS – This option is the Canadian version of Global Entry, offering expedited processing at airports and land borders when entering the U.S. and Canada.  On the plus side, NEXUS is less expensive at $50 for a five-year membership.  The negative is there are only a handful of enrollment centers for NEXUS and they are located near the Canadian borders in places like upstate New York, Maine, Montana and Washington State.  You can pre-enroll online, visit an enrollment center for an interview, provide fingerprints and verify ID.  There is no passport requirement.  For information on NEXUS please, click here.

Still deciding on what program is best for you? Talk with your Tangerine travel consultant about your travel destinations and they will help you make the best choice for you as a traveler.

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Lufthansa Offers More Comfort on Long-Haul Aircraft

Lufthansa’s Airbus A350-900 is offering several new amenities to all flight classes in an effort to improve comfort and help travelers arrive to destinations feeling relaxed and better rested. Check out some of the new amenities to be offered on long-haul flights below.

Business Class Self Service Area

The new Business Class design allows for passengers to help themselves to snack and drinks in the self-service area. While the regular meal service still stands, passengers can use this space any time between regular meal service in addition to being able to order drinks from their seats.

Seat Upgrade in Economy Class and On-Board Entertainment

Seating will be more comfortable for those in the Economy Class section. The A350-900 will offer ergonomically-formed seat upholstery as well as more storage space for personal items. While enjoying the comfortable seats, passengers will have the opportunity to create a playlist of favorite items for the trip from home using the “Lufthansa Companion App.” Once on-board, travelers can sync their personal playlist with their screen.

The A350-900 will be based in Munich beginning February 10 with its first destinations being Dehli and Boston. For more details on this new plane or to book your next flight, email us at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com

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Business travel can be a costly necessity for many organizations. Tangerine Travel understands travel expenses and the essentials to make the corporate travel process positive and efficient. Below are some tips to help implement cost savings for your corporate travel program.

Work with a Travel Management Company

A Travel Management Company (TMC) will plan travel, process reservations, work with online booking tools, tabulate data, implement technology, track travelers and lend support to the businesses it works with. The buying power and established relationships between travel vendors and TMCs allows for savings to be handed down to the client. Tangerine Travel offers out-of-the-box services to ensure each client’s needs are met. Working with a TMC can offer savings, organization and peace of mind to corporations and their traveling employees.

Create a Business Travel Policy

Creating and enforcing a business travel policy will help any business streamline travel procedures. In addition to a travel policy, having a TMC to create guidelines and offer support to travelers when booking travel will help in saving your business money and booking travel with ease.

Increase Advance Booking Period

When booking corporate travel the best way to be cost effective is to book trips further out, particularly for rail and air travel. Tangerine Travel can offer companies reports that show how far in advance bookings have been made. If the data suggests the average bookings are happening 3 days before travel, companies can implement a change in their travel policy or focus on improving the time of bookings.

Use an Online Booking Tool

Tangerine Travel works hand-in-hand with Concur to offer our clients an online booking tool. Concur is an excellent way to book travel quickly while also having the support team at Tangerine Travel to aid in any questions or booking concerns that may arise. In addition to the online booking tool, Concur offers an expense program that can make recording receipts and submitting for reimbursement so simple and cost effective.

For more information on Tangerine Travel’s management programs or for more helpful tips on travel reach out to our travel consultants and teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com


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Hertz Rental Cars has recently updated its Rental Identification Policy for all rental car reservations that are to be direct billed to a company. In an effort to protect customers from fraud the renter must provide a valid driver’s license that matches the name on the reservation as well as one of the following:

  • Employee identification with renter’s name and company name.
  • Business card with renter’s name and company name.
  • Medical insurance card indicating the renter’s name and company name.

If the renter is not an employee and they do not have any company identification, they must present one of the following:

  • A letter on company letterhead indicating that they have a relationship with the company.
  • An email from the company stating the same as above. The email must contain the company in the email address.
  • A travel itinerary that indicates both the renter’s name and company name.

If you have any question about these policy changes please reach out to your Tangerine Travel consultant or email us at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com.

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Stay connected with these five apps that can make travel convienient, relaxing and enhance your overall travel experience. 

FlightAware is an app that lets you track any flight in real-time and sends alerts regarding important travel information such as airport delays. FlightAware is a convenient one-stop-shop to find out airport and airline info. Save the space on your phone by sticking with this one handy app. Available on iOS and Android.

LoungeBuddy offers options to find a relaxing place to spend your next layover by compiling airports lounges travelers can visit in over 170 lounges worldwide. The pay-by-use lounge offers instant access one you book using the LoungeBuddy app. You can utilize the app on either iOS or Android devices.

Wiffinity is a great way to stay connected when traveling. Wiffinity keeps travelers online with a list of WiFi networks and passwords continuously updated by app users. The app is available with iOS and Android devices.

If you are traveling with kids, Yuggler helps parents discover all the kid-friendly things to do near you. Search via filters to find tips and see photos that are perfect for your children’s ages. Available on iOS with an app developing for Android users also.

The map market is saturated with different apps to get travelers from place to place. We found MAPS.ME to be the perfect map app that can be used offline. Download the maps that you will need during travel and enjoy knowing where you are going. App download available on iOS and Android.

Is there are travel app that you cannot live without? Comment below to share with fellow Tangerine travelers!

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’Tis the season to warm up from the chilly temperatures and start planning a warm winter getaway! Let one of our Tangerine Travel Advisors help you escape the cold and travel to one of our picks around the globe below. Or, you can surprise someone special and give the gift of a great vacation this holiday season. We are standing by ready to help in either case!

Hike in a Costa Rican Rain Forest

Costa Rica has it all, from vibrant rain forest, diverse wildlife, white-sand beaches that border both the Pacific and the Atlantic, and a laid-back local culture. Tangerine Travel clients can choose between full service, all-inclusive Costa Rican beach resorts or wilderness lodges deep in the rain forest, where electricity and room service are practically extinct. The winter months mark Costa Rica's dry season offering stunning weather and crystal-clear diving conditions in the region. Ring in 2017 with toucans, sloths and squirrel monkeys as you relax and enjoy your rain forest escape.

Go Diving or Snorkeling in Bonaire

This tiny island located in the Southern Caribbean measures just 112 square miles and has been named one of the world's best diving destinations. The western side of the island is rimmed by colorful reefs swarming with parrot fish, sea turtles, butterfly fish, eagle rays and hundreds of other marine animals. Tangerine Travel suggests a trip to Bonaire as the sunny weather year round and location (located south of the Carribean’s hurricane belt) makes it a perfect destination year round. Our advisors can plan the entire trip down to your diving and snorkel reservations.

Enjoy a Mexican Spa Day

MEXICO! A favorite destination among Tangerine Travel clients! Mexico’s sunny climate and abundance of resorts in all price ranges make it a great place to treat yourself to a relaxing spa getaway. For true decadence, try the Spa at the Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa located outside of Cancun. Many of the unique spa treatments draw on Mayan traditions, for example a detox herbal wrap incorporating local honey and healing herbs. As a Tangerine Travel preferred partner, the Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa is offering upgrades upon arrival, complimentary oil messages and breakfast.

Museum-Hopping in San Diego

Leave your passport at home and enjoy sunny San Diego. A destination known for its year-round temperate climate and a plethora of fun things to do! Tangerine Travelers can find 15 museums at Balboa Park, with collections devoted to anthropology, sports, photography, historic automobiles, art from around the world. Explore the unique culinary world of San Diego from delicious mexican cuisine, fresh seafood and 5-star dining options. After a day of exploring, rest your traveling legs at the La Valencia Hotel at La Jolla. A beautiful place to relax, guests have access to the outdoor pool with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop. Our travel advisors suggest spending a week exploring these museums, unwinding at top rated hotels and wandering the city's historic Gaslamp Quarter.

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Tangerine Travel has included some tips that can eliminate holiday travel stress and have you relaxing and enjoying the holiday season.

1.  Flying nonstop whenever possible can be the least complicated way to travel; however, we understand that cannot always happen.  Make sure to keep Tangerine Travel’s number in your contacts for whenever weather might get ugly.  We can help rebook cancelled flights and other arrangements affected by weather. 

2.  Be diligent when heading through security.  Before you even get in line, put all your hand held belongings in a sleeve of your carry-on bag.  With so many valuables placed in to plastic bins, it is easy for stuff to get lost, stolen, damaged or broken.  Take 15 seconds to stow everything away.  You will make up twice the time on the other side of the checkpoint and you will not risk losing your personal belongings.

3.  Avoid checking your bags if possible. Lines can be long at Airline check in. If you carry-on your bag you will be able to skip check in (by having a mobile boarding pass or printed boarding pass from home) as well as skip the wait for your luggage once you have landed at your destination. If you do check a bag make sure to have an extra set of clothes, important documents and any valuables in your carry on to come in handy in the event of lost luggage.

4.  Pack snacks and pack a refillable water bottle to keep yourself fueled to handle busy airports, long lines at security and to avoid any “hangry” tendencies. If you arrived to the airport early utilize Gate Guru’s app that includes the best airport restaurants, so you do not have to rely on airline food to fulfill your hunger needs.

5.  Remember why you are traveling. Whether you are visiting family, taking a getaway to the beach or wanted to make holiday memories somewhere new, the best memories (and stories) are about to come with the trip. Tangerine Travel can assist you with the details like canceled and delayed flights and organizing last minute arrangements. All of it will make for great stories over dinner when you finally make it to your destination. After all, holiday travel stress is just as much of a tradition as the turkey and stuffing.

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As corporate travel grows, the focus on business travel etiquette is on the rise. As many corporate travelers take work on the road, a sense of “business comes first” is at the forefront of a road-warrior’s agenda. Tangerine Travel has provided some important etiquette tips to think about when traveling for business.

Follow the Leader

For times when you are traveling with your boss, or a group of individuals at different professional levels, it is essential to follow their lead. Some things that may differ from a business trip that you just take can be seen in activities like flying together, be prepared to work on the flight, just in case those traveling with you decide to do so as well. Keep your laptop, a notebook and a pen handy, just in case, and note: if your boss picks up a book, chances are, you will probably be fine doing the same.

Prepare for Anything

Travel can be stressful if road warriors are not prepared for the changes and un-familiarity that comes with it. Make sure you know when your flight leaves, where you are staying, and what time meetings and events are. Work with your travel consultant or utilize programs such as Concur to have an organized travel itinerary. Being over-prepared will save time and keep you stress free.

Dress Appropriately

For business meetings, luncheons, etc., business attire should be a given. For other times during the business trip, you should consider that even while in the air, you never know who you might bump in to. As a business traveler, leave sweatpants, shorts, and flip-flops at home, even when flying. Dressing down should go as far as business casual - since you are representing your company at all times.

Focus on Networking

Business travel is all about making connections. As a representative of your company, you will be expected to mingle and establish relationships throughout your trip. Note that this can take place in and out of the office setting. Take advantage of getting to know others and learn about the place you are visiting.

Carry Cash

Company credit cards can be useful and using your own card can help in tracking reimbursements, but there may be times when cash is a necessity. Having some cash on hand can help when grabbing a quick meal or tipping hotel staff. Make sure to pick up a receipt anytime you are forced to use cash for easy reconciliation after the trip.

Traveling can be cumbersome, but with these tips you will be a traveling and polished pro on your next trip.

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Business travel typically includes jam-packed schedules that have road warriors running from one appointment, lunch meeting or training to another. Tangerine Travel knows that once jetlag, travel fatigue and being in a new place adds to the equation it can be difficult for travelers to stay energized on their trip. Below are four tips to keeping your energy up throughout the day.

Eat Healthy

When traveling, pack healthy snacks, choose well-balanced meals. Quick snacks on the plane or newsstand snacks can contain lots of salt and empty carbs…these will allow you to feel full for a short time but it will not be long before your energy level diminishes. Think about packing snacks that will leave you energized for longer periods of time like veggie sticks, granola or protein and cheese paired with crackers.

Stay Active

A great way to improve your mood and energy on the road is getting in a quick work out that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. Many hotels have embraced the healthy lifestyle movement and have improved in-house gyms with the most up to date equipment to ensure a great workout. Hotels also offer yoga classes or group runs and even established partnerships with outside gyms such as Orange Theory or Soul Cycle so their guests can have a well-rounded workout.

Personal Time

Take some time to explore a new city or add some time to a lunch break to have a meditative breather. Traveling to a new place or even somewhere you have been before should include a new little adventure. By clearing your mind, you will refresh your senses and ensure you are ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Beauty Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep in so important for how you will function the next day. Traveling can cause road warriors to lose quality sleep. If sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and location keeps you up at night, bring some familiar items from home such as an eye mask, comforting book or favorite tea. In addition to bringing something familiar, do not forget to unplug. The emails and work tasks can wait until morning!

What are some of your favorite ways to relax while away on business? Let Tangerine Travel know if the comments below!

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With 2017 quickly approaching, Tangerine Travel understands that your mind is turning to the changing weather, shorter days and the holiday season. The winter happens to also be an incredibly busy time of year to travel and we want to ensure that you are ready for anything when heading out of town.

Fly Nonstop

Flying nonstop whenever possible can be the least complicated way to travel; however, we understand that cannot always happen.  Make sure to keep Tangerine Travel’s number, 800.678.8202, in your contacts for whenever weather might get ugly.  We can help rebook cancelled flights and other arrangements affected by weather.

Organize Finances Before You Go

Avoid having to use banking apps or providing your credit card number by scheduling your bill payments and making mobile deposits or purchases before you leave.  It is difficult to know when or where you have a secured network while traveling.

Pack Your Personal Belongings

Before you even get in line, put all your hand held belongings in a sleeve of your carry-on bag.  With so many valuables placed in plastic bins, it is easy for stuff to get lost, stolen, damaged or broken.  Take 15 seconds to stow everything away.  You will make up twice the time on the other side of the checkpoint and you will not risk losing your personal belongings.

Smart Phone Travel Organization

Our phones have become an important travel accessory. Make sure to back up your phone before you head out on a trip. In the event that something happens to your phone while traveling you will be able to have your most recent back up available to you. In addition to backing up your device check with your carrier’s roaming policy. Knowing when you need to rely on Wi-Fi can help you research hotspots at your travel locations and if you need to use data in areas where Wi-Fi is not available.

Traveling with Gifts

Bringing gifts back from a recent trip or heading out early to celebrate the holidays with family and friends? Remember to not wrap gifts while traveling. TSA officers will open any wrapped gift brought through security. Your checked gift is not safe from unwrapping either. It’s best to wrap gifts when you get to your destination or ship the gifts ahead of time.

Do you have a great travel tip? Comment below and we will share your tips on Tangerine Travel Social Media!

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