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Summer is right around the corner and with long security lines anticipated, Tangerine Travel wants to ensure your trip starts out on the right foot! TSA is anticipating this to be the biggest Memorial Travel weekend they have seen in 10 years. Being prepared before you head through security check points can save you time and get you on your way to enjoying your fun in the sun. We have put together some travel tips that will help you move smoothly through security and on to your destination:

Watch Security Line Wait Times 

Download the TSA app or click here to enter the information about the airports in your travels. We suggest arriving to the airport at least two hours early in any case but the updates in times can help you determine the best lines to go through.

Skip Security Traffic with Pre-Check

This expedited screening program allows travelers to leave shoes, light outerwear and belts on as well as leaving laptops in their cases and toiletries stowed away.  It is a great way to beat those long security lines and the hassle of taking off clothes and unpacking carry-ons.  There are over 300 application centers nationwide, allowing U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents the opportunity to apply.  For more information about TSA Pre-Check and to pre-enroll online, click here.

Campers, Hikers and Fishermen

As the weather gets warmer, you want to get out and enjoy nature.  Backpacks and gear can be heavy but we understand you want to keep those items close.  Check with your airline to see if you can gate check your backpack in order to minimize the amount of shuffling that takes places when checking luggage.  Not sure what you can bring through security?  Take a look at TSA’s blog about what to check and what to carry on when it comes to outdoor activities.

Traveling with Pets

Pets are part of the family and we know they will love a vacation as much as you.  Make sure to check with your Tangerine Travel Advisor when traveling with pets for the necessary fees and paperwork that are due.  If you are carrying your pet on the plane, here are some helpful hints when getting through security.

  • Your pet will need to come out of its carrier when walking through security.  Make sure your pet is secured with a leash at this time to keep you, other passengers and your pet safe.
  • You may carry your pet through the metal detector or walk the pet through.  Whichever is more comfortable for you and your pet is the best way to go.
  • Pets are not screened with Advanced Imaging Technology and should never be placed through the baggage x-ray machine.


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Planning for a business trip does not need to take over your day. With a travel management company such as Tangerine Travel, we focus on clients utilizing our resources to ensure an easy booking process. Here are some helpful tips when getting ready for your next trip.

Review Your Corporate Travel Policy 

This is huge pain point for travelers. Many do not have a full understanding of what their travel policy entails and can lose money because of it. By sitting with your travel manager or calling your Tangerine Travel advisor you can save time and heartache if you know in advance whether you will need trip approval or if there are maximum spending guidelines.

Manage Expenses from the Beginning 

Begin your expense report at the time of booking. Record registration fees and other prepaid purchases before you leave for your trip. When you return, complete the report by adding meal, transportation, client entertainment and other incidental expenses. If you are a Concur user and your company uses its expense tool, you are able to record expenses and upload receipts directly from your phone. Contact our Concur Help Desk if you have any questions about Concur Expense.

Out of Office Reply

It is important to set an “out of office” reply so those contacting you are aware that you are away, however letting fellow employees know you will be gone is equally as important. Make sure to communicate who is taking care of business while you are traveling.

Get Organized

Utilize your phone when on the road with organizational apps. Travel app Tripit allows you to organize and access your itineraries, boarding passes and reservation IDs. Also travel with hardcopies of your itinerary and travel documents, especially when going overseas where network connections can be inconsistent. Keep everything in a folder and add your receipts for reimbursements to it so you have everything in one spot.

Mark Your Calendar

Before your trip, set a calendar reminder to review your reservations, confirm departure times and create an “out-of-office” message for email and voicemail. When booking through Tangerine Travel, your travel advisor will send you an itinerary that has the “option to add” to your Outlook calendar which helps with communicating your travel to others and helping you to be prepared. 

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Summer is almost here and TSA is anticipating long lines this season. Airlines and airport officials are asking travelers to arrive at least three hours early to ensure enough time to get checked in, get through security and get to the appropriate gate. Tangerine Travel suggests that those traveling this summer enroll in a Trusted Traveler program that will allow passengers to head to a shorter line and leave shoes on and laptops in their cases. Programs such as Pre Check, Global Entry and NEXUS allow travelers to utilize the expedited security screenings and avoid the long lines projected this summer. Below is some information on each option to find the best program for you depending on your travel.

TSA Pre-Check – This option is great for frequent and business travelers who can go through separate security lines, leave on their shoes and belts, and keep their laptops in the bag.  For $85 you can be enrolled in TSA Pre-Check for five years.  You must be a U.S. citizen and lawful permanent resident and there is no passport requirement to be approved.  You can apply for TSA Pre-Check online and then make an appointment at one of the enrollment centers around the country to provide fingerprints and identification.

Global Entry – This program is great for international travelers and can coincide with TSA Pre-Check.  Upon arrival to the United States, you can go straight to a Global Entry Kiosk without filling out any forms.  Insert your passport or U.S. permanent resident card, place fingertips on the scanner for fingerprint verification and make a customs declaration.  The membership is $100 for five years or you can pay an extra $15 from the Pre-Check program to Global Entry.  A passport is required for Global Entry and you can apply online and then make an appointment at one of several enrollment centers around the country to provide fingerprints and identification as well as be interviewed.    For a list of eligible countries and more information on Global Entry, click here.

NEXUS – This option is the Canadian version of Global Entry, offering expedited processing at airports and land borders when entering the U.S. and Canada.  On the plus side, NEXUS is less expensive at $50 for a five-year membership.  The negative is there are only a handful of enrollment centers for NEXUS and they are located near the Canadian borders in places like upstate New York, Maine, Montana and Washington State.  You can pre-enroll online, visit an enrollment center for an interview, provide fingerprints and verify ID.  There is no passport requirement.  For information on NEXUS please, click here.

Still deciding on what program is best for you? Talk with your Tangerine Travel Advisor about your travel destinations and they will help you make the best choice for you as a traveler.

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Air travel can be the most stressful part of a trip with long security lines and overcrowded flights. Tangerine Travel has compiled a list of apps that offer travelers dining options, lounge locations, flight information and even luggage tracking. Our goal is to help you feel at ease when traveling to your next destination.

LoungeBuddy – No need to hit 100k miles to have access to airport lounges. This innovative app offers a selection of accessible lounges that travelers can relax in while waiting for a flight. LoungeBuddy offers photos, hours, location, amenities, cost and reviews before you pay for entry. With over 2,000 lounges in over 600 airports travelers will have the opportunity to unwind before their next flight. (Free) A Tangerine Travel Tip: We can help you set up your account through LoungeBuddy so you can enjoy a lounge of your choice. Call your Tangerine Travel Advisor to find out how you can utilize a lounge during a layover or before a long overseas flight.

Airport Maps – An airport map app may sound simple but navigating through large airports such as Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport can be difficult. The app can locate the gate of connecting flights, airport lounges or places to eat and shop. Airport Maps is accessible in more than 60 North American airports. (Free)

FlightView – This flight tracking app offers real-time information on any flight. The app tracks flights on a map showing flight paths, sends alerts to keep travelers updated on a flight’s status and can also check where a flight is arriving. ($0.99)

FlightBoard – This flight tracking app is modeled after the arrival/departure boards used at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and allows your phone to access any flight time from more than 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines. The app is updated with flight information every five minutes and can be shared through social media or email. A perfect way to communicate with other members of your group if you are using only Wi-Fi when traveling abroad. ($3.99)

Entrain – This app helps you feel refreshed from a busy travel day. Using a set of lighting schedules which correspond to time zones around the globe, University of Michigan researchers have been able to find a way to ease the groggy, sluggish feeling that comes with jetlag. Entrain works with users to monitor their circadian clocks and adjust to new time zones by setting alarms and adjusting sleep patterns. (Free)

Trackdot – This app may be the priciest of all our featured apps but it is also one that may offer those who check bags the most peace of mind. Trackdot is a device that syncs with an app on your smartphone to report its position (inside your bag) on the ground or inside the plane. The GSM-based technology is able to track your belongings and, in the event of lost luggage, can aid in a quick recovery.

Is there an app that you cannot live without while on the road? Let us know what helps you get through your travel days by emailing us at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com or let your Tangerine Travel Advisor know what travel app works best for you!

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Road Warriors are looking for simplicity and efficiency when booking corporate travel. Tangerine Travel’s partnership with online booking tool Concur gives our clients just that. Tangerine Travel has a dedicated Concur Help Desk designed to answer any Concur questions and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Tangerine Travel’s Concur Help Desk has compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Concur functionality, giving you the tools to book your travel with ease.

Why should I use Concur Travel & Expense instead of calling an agent directly?

Concur Travel allows you to make plans quickly after viewing your travel options. You are able to use a self-service system and additionally have the ability to take advantage of an agent’s expertise, if needed.  Our technology provides a list of all your travel plans; alerts you about travel news and allows you to be organized while on the go. 

What procedure should I use if I have two or more travelers going to the same destination?

When the first booking is made, you will be able to clone the reservation. This action can be found under the “Upcoming Trips” tab. After selecting the trip action to clone, you will then pull over the next traveler’s profile so that all frequent guest numbers and credit cards are captured.  Finish by adding any additional cars or hotels and then you are ready to purchase.

Is information entered in my travel profile shared with or seen by anyone else?

The only people who have access to this information are the traveler and the travel arranger; however the travel arranger does not have access to your personal credit card information. Your credit card number cannot be accessed by outside parties because the site is secure. Only the last four numbers are shown to ensure credit card numbers are secure.

I frequently travel to the same destination, stay in the same hotel and rent the same car. Is there an easy way to book this trip?

Yes, you can create a template for any recurring trip. Find the Action button in your “Trip Library” and select the option to create a “Template.”

What is the difference between Hold Trip and Purchase Now?

“Purchase Now” will purchase the ticket or reservation and then send the information to Tangerine Travel. Tangerine Travel will then process the request and issue your ticket as well as confirm car and hotel reservations. “Hold Trip” will save your itinerary and confirm the car and hotel but does not send your information to Tangerine Travel for ticketing.

What should I do if I book an air reservation on Concur and a few hours later decide to add a car and/or hotel?

To modify your trip, click the name of the trip in the “Upcoming Trips” tab and then choose the addition specific to the segment such as car and/or hotel.  You can make these changes before your ticket is issued, as well as afterwards.   

Where do I view my itinerary?

You can view your itinerary in the “Upcoming Trips” section of My Concur or Travel pages. In addition, Concur will send your confirmation to you immediately after you book your trip. Once ticketed, Tangerine Travel will email your final itinerary.

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Being comfortable on a plane and even getting a power nap is a great opportunity to reset your body’s clock so you arrive to your destination feeling refreshed and rested.  Here are some helpful travel tips to ensure a successful and relaxed travel experience that has you ready to hit the ground running.  

In-Flight Meals

Since prime travel typically happens during significant meal times, several airlines such as Alaska offer passengers anything from a full meal native to the area in which you are traveling to a tasty cheese and fruit tray featuring Seattle’s famous Beecher’s Cheese. If you would prefer to bring your own meal, here is a delicious idea:  Pack cooked whole grain pasta in a food container, along with Parmesan cheese and a veggie of your choice in small plastic bag. Ask the flight attendant for half a cup of hot water, pour it over your pasta and close it for a minute or two and then drain it back into the cup.  Now that your pasta is warm add your cheese and veggies and you have an easy, healthy meal to satisfy you for the duration of the flight.

Stay Hydrated

The air in the cabin is not humidified, which leads to a feeling of being thirsty and chapped. Staying hydrated can combat time zone changes and help prevent that run down feeling. The good news is you can start preparing early. Begin by drinking as much water at the gate as you can comfortably hold for about an hour.  This is typically how long it takes for the seatbelt sign t to be switched off.  Then focus on drinking about 8 ounces every hour or two.  Avoid drinking alcohol or anything with caffeine, as they are major dehydrators.

Pack a Sleep Kit

Sleep kits can be purchased at most airport shops these days but including the basics from your own home can bring any traveler more comfort!  Make sure your sleep kit includes a U-shaped travel pillow, an eye mask to block out light, and either ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones.  If you have space pack a small blanket or a large shawl to keep a comfortable temperature while resting on the plane.  Each of these items is essential to road warriors, especially those who do not have a full lay-down seat.  If you have a red-eye flight or you are crossing a few time zones, a sleep kit will help combat the jet lag you may feel upon your arrival.

Follow us on Twitter for more tips and tricks for a great travel experience! Do you have a travel tip or trick you cannot live without while on the road? Let us know and we will feature it in our next #TravelTipTuesday post.

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April is Buy One Get One month at Royal Caribbean! Experience the most innovative and exciting cruise ships in the industry with exciting locations, relaxing spas, elevated dining and on-board adventures. This week Tangerine Travel and Royal Caribbean are offering 50% off your second guest cruise booking and 25% off third and fourth guest bookings. In addition to these great savings pre-paid gratuities will be included in your itinerary.

Tangerine Travel knows that cruising allows travelers to visit several new and exciting destinations in one awesome vacation. When booking your next cruise with us, we can include additional Tangerine Travel Exclusives such as complimentary dinner for two in a specialty restaurant aboard the ship or spa treatments for two in one of the world renowned Royal Caribbean Spas.

Email us today at teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com and one of our cruise specialists will be happy to book the best itinerary for you includes these great savings! It’s time to get an extra dose of Vitamin Sea!

*All offers are on select sailings and must be booked before April 13. For more details please contact your personal travel advisor.

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Theoretically, the internet offers the tools to research and book your own travel – so why would you work with a travel advisor? Below, stories from our travelers and advisors that illustrate the key reasons. It all comes back to one idea: travel often creates lifetime memories. Why not do it better?

Personalized Planning

When you collaborate with a travel advisor, your trips will be tailored to your needs, interests, and budget. Sean Cowan worked with a Tangerine Travel advisor on a trip to Mexico. "I was planning to propose to my girlfriend and wanted to stay somewhere romantic," says Sean C. "We stayed on Maroma Beach, and our advisor knew the exact an ocean view room to request to maximize the view. It was a perfect trip and a great proposal story!"

Global Expertise and Connections

Tangerine Travel advisors have relationships with people around the world who can arrange experiences that make a trip truly extraordinary. Personal Travel advisor Betsy has worked with several clients on one-of-a-kind travel to Africa. "When you think about the nature of a trip to Africa with all the logistics and the extraordinary amount of choices, it helps to work with someone who really knows what to do when you get there," says Betsy.

Value for the Money

A Virtuoso advisor has access to the same (and often better) pricing than you can find online, and can secure special perks you cannot get on your own. Elizabeth G. worked with a Tangerine Travel advisor on her honeymoon. Initially, price point was a concern – but as the planning began, value became the clear difference in working with an advisor. "Working with an advisor was a lifesaver," says Elizabeth.

VIP Treatment

A Tangerine Travel advisor can get you exclusive access to events, private tours, and other extras. Personal Travel advisor Jo just worked with a couple organizing a trip to the South Pacific. "My goal was to include little things throughout the trip for personalization," says Jo. "I focused on unique personal touches such as specific room upgrades, a welcome bottle of wine and spa credits to make this an unforgettable experience."

Peace of Mind

In addition to saving you time and money, your advisor is available 24/7 before, during, and after your trip; you can just relax and have fun. If you miss your connecting flight to the Bahamas or the weather is not cooperating your Tangerine Travel advisor will be here to help. Call your advisor and avoid standing in long lines to rebook your flight.

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Airlines are taking 2016 to focus on exceptional customer service following a successful year of growth. Even with the focus on customer service, carriers are still charging for everything from checked baggage to soft drinks. Tangerine Travel has uncovered some tips and tricks so you can save on extras when you fly.

Skip Baggage Fees

If you can swing it…try to fit all your belongings in your carry-on and board the aircraft t towards the end of boarding process. Many times the overhead bins will fill up as the first boarding groups enter the plane and you will be asked to check your bag. If you prefer not taking chances you can apply for an airline credit card that allows for one free checked bag per flight. Or you can fly Southwest, which allows two checked bags to fly free of charge.

Stay Connected 

In-flight Wi-Fi is one of the newest fees to hit air travel and also one of the most popular. This amenity costs about $15, which can add up when you are paying so many other fees. Airlines such as Virgin America offer free Wi-Fi to passengers via Netflix, and JetBlue will have satellite Wi-Fi Free of charge beginning this fall. If you are not flying one of these carriers but need to spend your flight time working, look into Gogo In-flight Internet. If you purchase in advance it can cut your connection fee almost in half.

Another Round

For some, an adult beverage can take the edge off of flying but most travelers feel the need to stick to ginger ale and wait until they are off the plane. With in-flight drinks being so expensive it helps to be part of an airline loyalty program. These programs often include complimentary alcoholic drinks. You can also purchase a seat upgrade on airlines such as Delta. Their Comfort+ option is typically $20-$30 and gets you more leg room, priority boarding, premium snacks and adult drinks at no additional charge.


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Spring Break is quickly approaching and while your upcoming family vacation can be a fun experience, traveling with kids will keep you on your toes. From keeping everyone happy to organizing ever detail, family vacations can become exhausting and leave you needing a vacation from your vacation. Tangerine Travel wants to ensure a stress-free travel experience, to make that happen we have complied some tips for traveling with kids.

Plan Well and Use a Travel Advisor

Organization is key when heading out on any trip, but when traveling with kids pre-plan as much as possible. Begin with thoroughly researching your destination. Google can be overwhelming when it comes to travel information. This is where a Travel Advisor can help by streamlining all your information to get the best details to you that will be helpful for your trip. Tangerine Travel Advisors can make sure all your activities, flights, rental car and accommodations are all on one itinerary. They will let you know if you will need to bring a car seat for a rental car, what to expect at the airport (going through security with kids can be challenging), pre-boarding options on your airline carrier and most importantly which attractions at your destination will be age appropriate for kids.

Pack a “Just in Case” Bag

Parents traveling with children should always be prepared for anything. Tangerine Travel Advisors suggest packing a “Just in Case” bag for those unexpected moments that can turn your travel into a nightmare if you are not prepared. Be sure the bag is packed with prescription medications, small toys, snacks, a change of clothes (if you are traveling with an infant make sure to pack a spare outfit for them as well as an extra shirt for you) and anything else you might need before you arrive at you destination.

Explain the Airport and Flight Experience

Make sure that each child traveling understands the whole travel experience from check-in, to security, to boarding. Adult travelers know air travel comes with many lines and it would be helpful to inform traveling children that they may be waiting a lot before getting on the plane. An entertaining idea would be to come up with games such as “eye spy” to keep them entertained while waiting. We suggest checking the TSA requirements when traveling with children here. Traveling families will find that children under 12 no longer need to take off their shoes as part of the screen process. Once through security and successfully seated on the plane use ear plugs or gum to help aid with the popping of ears when the plane takes off. Make sure your traveling kids know that their ears might pop or become uncomfortable during takeoff and landing and that the act of chewing or opening and closing the mouth can alleviate the discomfort.

Be Ready for the Unexpected

We know that having a plan and schedule is the easiest most organized way to travel with children however, adults traveling with kids need to be willing to deviate from the original plan. Watch your kids and alter plans to ensure a successful and fun trip for both them and you. Your itinerary may be too busy for them and that is ok…Memories can be made at any time when traveling with family!

Let Us Organize Your Next Trip

Have these tips inspired you to start planning your next trip? We have tons of great ideas for your Spring Break trip! Whether a stay-cation in your home state or a magical trip to Disney world, our Tangerine Travel Advisors are ready to customize a trip perfect for your family! Email us at Teamtangerine@tangerinetravel.com or call us at 800.678.8202 and ask for our Personal Travel Advisors.

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